Damnation: The Gothic Game is a 2 - 6 player horror board game with one simple goal - Be The Last Surviving 

Player. The Game takes place in Dracula’s Castle where a cast of
Victorian era inspired villains face off in a brutal battle royale.
It is an updated version of the 1992 cult classic, The Gothic Game,
developed by Robert Wynne Simmons and Nigel Andrews.

History Of The Gothic Game
The Gothic Game was invented in 1966 by Robert Wynne-Simmons and Nigel Andrews on a lazy weekend in Surrey, England, and was first played later that year in the basement of a convent in Assisi, Italy. Using the board design of a crumbling castle, with rooms and squared corridors, it looked back to games such as Cluedo, and forwards towards role playing games, such as Dungeons and Dragons.

It is a game of elimination, like Monopoly, but much faster, and set in a dangerous environment where fortunes can suddenly change and death lurks around each corner. 
With its “gothic” content, and the possibility of “murder” by many different means, it openly gives full rein to the hidden aggression behind the competitiveness of all board games, and allows the players to enact their own nightmares. In the end such obvious savagery produces less spite and more laughter.

This project was really fun for me.  I absolutely love the art style and illustration by 
Hue Teo and Anca Albu and it is definitely a game I will play for years to come.
It will be released on Kickstarter soon!

Blackletter Games approached me about designing the panel flow for their Kickstarter launch. In the process of that creation we actually went through a complete brand redesign of the Damnation identity assets as well since the pervious brand identity was grossly outdated. My goal was to compliment the Illustration style with an advertising design feel that helped the content of the game flow. The characters, actions and plays style of Damnation make it a truly unique game. I look forward to working on more projects like this in the future.

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