Established in 1984, Braun Log Homes has been built around impeccable craftsmanship, uncompromising trust, and unwavering honesty. Steve and Karen Braun bring Old World Artisan Craft to today's market.
At the impressionable, young age of 5, Steve Braun was taught to scribe logs by his grandfather. From that moment on, Steve knew that he would become a log builder. In a high school metals shop, he designed and crafted his first pair of scribes. At 17 years old, Steve headed into the Gallatin Mountain Range, South of Bozeman, MT, and built his first log structure - a hunters cabin - which he left open for all to use with a simple note burned into a built-in table: "This cabin is for everyone to enjoy, use it when you need it, leave it how you found it, don't lock the door when you go". The cabin was removed by the Forest Service after several years, but the experience of felling the trees, scraping, stacking, scribing the logs, and putting the finishing touches on a handcrafted cabin for that 17-year-old touched off a spark inside Steve that has shined through in every project that he has completed. Fast forward to today and Steve has completed projects in nearly half of the United States, including work on remote Alaskan Islands. His passion for the art of Log Crafting and skills possessed by few have led him to produce some fantastic, world-class custom homes.
After 18 or so years working in child care services, Karen decided it was time for a change, so she committed to full-time work in the field with her husband, Steve. Operating cranes, forklifts & backhoes; hand peeling logs, stacking logs, site logistical coordination, clean-up, bookkeeping. It couldn't have been a bigger change for Karen, but she loves her role in the company and wouldn't trade it for anything.
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